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 When our organization and our volunteers trap cats, there are three potential options that are weighed after surgery. Rehoming, Releasing, and Relocating. If kittens are trapped, they are rehabilitated and rehomed, if rehabilitation is unsuccessful, they are relocated to a suitable and safe location.
If adult cats are trapped they are most often released back to their home, and as a last resort cats are relocated. Relocation is only used when their home is a significant risk to their well-being or their caretaker is no long able to care for them. Relocation takes months of care to ensure that it is successful.
The Current Situation of Topeka Community Cats: In our community, if feral cats are trapped by animal control or brought to the shelter by the public, they face an inevitable negative outcome. They are considered unadoptable and are killed. Interested in helping our volunteers re-home these kittens. 

What is TNR?

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