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Shelter Intervention & Education

The best home your pet
will ever have is yours

Provide food, veterinarycare and other assistance to a family in need.

Let's keep 'em Home. 
We bottle feed, work with disabled and birth defected kittens. We socialize feral kittens and monitor facebook for pets that need saving.

Share a Home With Me

The Share a Home with Me program is designed to help pets find homes that would ordinarily face significant obstacles if put into a shelter situation. This program has been established to find homes for pets that come from feral parents, from overwhelmed pet guardians, or left abandoned. In these situations, these pets face a very high risk having health problems due to their pre-existing habitat. We work with these high risk pets until they are healthy enough to be sterilized and ready for homes of their own.

Kept Outta
The Shelter

(T-N-R) We run a very basic T-N-R (Trap-Neuter-Release) Program. We actively trap, neuter and release cats. We also educate the public on T-N-R and how important it is for cats in our community.

Fix me First

(Spay/Neuter “Free” Kittens and Puppies) This program is intended to help pet guardians get their pets and their offspring fixed before they are given away. Now that the source of the unintended pets is fixed, and all their offspring which would have been given to the public unsterilized is also fixed, which maximizes our community impact.

There's No Place Like Home
Your home
is the best home
your pet will ever have.


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